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Monday, February 20, 2012

Create an Elegant Coffee Table Display

(SAS Interiors)
I love the look of a beautifully decorated coffee table.  The living room is typically a more refined space in the home, and offers the perfect location for creating an elegant and sophisticated coffee table display.

(Tocar Designs)
The size of a coffee table will dictate the number of decor items one should display. To prevent a sense of heaviness, consider incorporating a few glass pieces in a larger decorative arrangement.

(Jonathon Adler)

(via House and Home)

(via BHG)
Small stacks of books add creative interest and a sense of dimension to a coffee table vignette. Display a pretty, decorative item on top to create sparkle and contrast.

(Sarah Richardson)

(via Design and Decor)

(Roughan Interiors)
A vase of fresh cut flowers or a beautiful potted plant not only creates needed height, it adds life and movement to a coffee table display.  A lovely, decorative box adds further texture and visual interest.

(John Stephanson)

(Munger Interiors)
Experiment with decor pieces in varying heights and finishes.  With a bit of patience and a little creativity, you can design an elegant and appealing coffee table vignette that reflects your own unique and personal sense of style!

~ Wendi ~ xo

16 Reader Comment(s):

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wendi, these are great! I love the BHG vignette with the orchid and apothecary jars. I might have to rearrange my coffee table...again!

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful examples....I have a similiar post coming next week. I dont' think there is a wrong or right but some of the "no brainers" that always work are a stack or two of beautiful coffee table books, a small crsytal object (bowl or sphere) and a orchid planted in a beautiful container. That to me, is instant elegance and part of the fun is playing around too. Beautiful examples Wendi!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I love a well styled coffee table as well. My issue is that once you entertain your display is in the way and has to be redone. My kids also think a display is an invitation for them to throw their junk on the table:(

Designed by Nature said...

Beautiful examples and illustrations, Wendi!! Fresh flowers are the perfect finishing touch!!
-Bunny xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love it!

I'm always rearranging the things on my coffee table and can never make it look right.

After reading your clever post, I see I need to add more height...I'm on my way to buy myself a pretty orchid!

Thanks, Constance Jacobson

mwaxter said...

These are all so beautiful. I just got a new coffee table in my family room so am going to look for some ideas and inspirations here. Thank you.

Ivy Clad said...

Hi Wendi! This is just the post I need right now. I've been fidgeting with my coffee table. Great ideas!


Design is... All in the Detail said...

Prime Real Estate right there in the living room... that's the coffee table! These are beautiful examples. I always find glass objects, books, plants and of course books to elevate and illustrate! Photo one and five are my favorites for sure. Thanks you so much for sharing

Sionchi said...

Preciosos salones, elegantes y con poderĂ­o. Me encantan tus fotos Besos

Annie H. said...

All lovely. I like books on a coffee table, I think its a no brainer but I also hate overly cluttered tables where there is no room for food or a drink. The ones you featured show a great balance.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Wendi, I was thinking of doing a post on coffee tables. Great job! You found some wonderful images with some great ideas.

Kathysue said...

Great post Wendi!! Coffee tables can be a hard one for me, since I a less is more gal. I tend to put very little on a coffee table. YOu have given some great examples in this post, Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

Chubby N Chieque said...

Hi Wendi,
I been reading your blog and found so many ideas. However, I can't figure out how to do to my little coffee table. I am living in a small house. I even called it D´Box.

Maybe you can give me a hint? I also have a round table but almost half to one of your round ones above.

TY a mill with some ideas §:-)

Greetings from a freezing and icy Stockholm,

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'm constantly changing what's on my coffee table-but I'd love everything from that first image, it's one of my favorites.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Coffee tables can be a challenge! I think the simpler the better!

Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz said...

Beautiful tables! It's always a difficult area to decorate. I can find great things but having it be functional and attractive can be challenging. I love all the beautiful displays. I really love the one by Roughan Interiors! Orchids look so beautiful and classic!

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